Jane Orient, M.D.

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Practice Philosophy

Since 1981, I have been in the solo practice of private medicine. I consider myself to be a 38th year medical student. I do not pretend to know all the answers but would be glad to help you figure out the questions and to arrive at a working diagnosis and optimum plan for managing your concerns.

I work only for patients. I am not contracted with any third-party payers and have chosen not to be a provider for government programs such as Medicare, AHCCCS, or Tri-Care.

Please remember that all medical services are a loss to your insurer. That is why insurers place increasing constraints on their contracted physicians and may be unwilling to reimburse you for services that do not meet their costly administrative requirements. I do not attempt to meet these requirements, and to do so would require me to charge a much higher fee. Some private insurers may reimburse you if you file a claim and attach an itemized bill. I do not provide CPT codes. I offer only noncovered services to beneficiaries of government programs.

To protect your privacy, I do not maintain an "interoperable" electronic records system. I keep my notes longhand, although I will prepare a transcribed summary for you or your physicians. Records are made available only with written consent of the patient or guardian, or as compelled by law. I may be able to provide you a digitized record if you want one, as on a flash disk or CD.

As I have only a consulting practice, you will also need to have a regular physician for routine or urgent needs and prescription refills. If you have insurance connected to some managed-care network, you will need a "PCP" (primary care provider) approved by your insurer in order to receive all the benefits you have contracted for. I will of course communicate with and cooperate with your other physicians as you wish.

1601 N Tucson Blvd. #9
Tucson, AZ 85716
520 325-2689
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