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Consent/ Request for Treatment:

Because of our legal system, attempting to help people can be very hazardous. Medicine is difficult, and patients don’t always do well. Physicians do their best, but the final outcome is not under their control.

The safest course for physicians is to stop seeing patients—or to stop before they even start. Many excellent physicians have retired early. Many promising young people are declining to undertake a medical career.

I prefer not to take that course. I do, however, choose to offer services only to those patients who share my views of the proper patient-physician relationship, its voluntary nature, its inherent limitations, its mutual responsibilities—and the desirability of amicable cooperation and resolution of any difficulties.

Therefore, all new patients are asked to sign the Request for Treatment, and initial each paragraph, to assure mutual understanding and agreement.

1601 N Tucson Blvd. #9
Tucson, AZ 85716
520 325-2689
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